Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Easter

May 19, 2010

On “paradox” in the Bible–and “koans”

A wonderful Dominican friend
much “taken” with interpreting “koans”
as well being a Scripture scholar sends…
his greetings via the Communion of Saints…

I don’t know if he knew on earth–
the wisdom he imparted his neighbors…
I humbly offer what I have pondered,
on those riches he offered
to a mind–now grasping the consequences.

Having searched through websites and comments…
of all those not knowing the importance–
of the “discrepancies” in Holy Scripture–
often seeming entirely contradictory in nature…
until looking and seeking more deeply!

O Holy ONE–You, indeed, are the author…
of Holy Scripture! or else why could so many
different people, writing in varying times and places,
come up with a unified whole…
to bring us to a transformational experience…
when, and only when the Bible is seen “as a whole”
(as well the Catholic Church teaches).

It is well we begin with Tradition…
from whence the Bible commences…
knowing Martin Luther, a priest,
knew well what he wrote and spake…
“now every milkmaid will have an interpretation”…
when guidance by the Church is needed…
(not individual pastors or scholars–
the Church does NOT do as she pleases!)
That Tradition is contained
in a “depository of faith”
not available to whomever or whatever…
a complete record is necessary for understanding.
You wonder why the hierarchy can be secretive?
Some things will be misinterpreted and disbelieved
on the basis of inadequate preparation/sinful
motivations… (to which we ALL are participatory)…
For that reason a “certain transparency”
as well as exquisite listening from the shepherds,
is necessary
to instill confidence in God’s people–
as well as collect material
for their guidance in spirituality.
For, if not, the “test of infallibility”–
acceptance by God’s people–
has been lost (whatever the meaning).
Here is seen
two duties for the laity:
1) active participatation, study, and communication
2) surrender to the will of God–Who IS all goodness!

Believe me, dear friends and neighbors–
the Divine order will NOT be achieved–
without “obedience”…
which translates not as “blind”–
but as “discipline”–
a rigorous asceticism.

(“He mocks those who mock,
but accords his favour to the humble.
Glory is the portion of the wise,
all the fools inherit is contempt.” Pr3:34-35)

Thank you, dear Thomas Stratman: now a saint in heaven!


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