St. Isidore–Saturday of the Sixth Week of Easter

May 15, 2010

Dear St. Isidore–the plougher and farmer…
from your yoke and burden in abject poverty
came the Lord and angels in sharing…
to relieve the debt of labor
foregone to attend Church in the morning.
What is He, Blessed One,
Who suffers for us, and from us…
He sees into all we undergo–
and hung first from the cross
He knew we would be enduring.
He, too, worked with His hands
from morning ’til night…
suffered the humiliation of identity
discounted and disbelieved by the “authorities”:
He wants every one of His children–
to have and enjoy the immense LOVE of the Father…
but not invalidated are the Covenants
with the ancients,
though we often think ourselves quite capable–
of interpreting the message in the modern “lingo”;
we forget the lessons God gave us–
which persisted throughout all ages…
therefore, persisting in sinning…
we fall to our various idols:
our own will and modern philosophies–
untried and unproven (how can they?)
Dear Lord, grow in me a more faithful surrender…
empty me of personal passions–
so driven only by Your light
I can faithfully follow–
“wherever thou goest I will go”
a sign bright
on my breast-plate.
This spiritual-armoring
for the duties you gave,
brings the angels to my side
to accompany my battling:
to relieve me of pride–
are the injuries inflicted;
yes, these, too from the God
of all goodness.
Only in Him are healing and mercy…
His kindness
is never to be forgotten.
So I join St. Isidore at the ploughshare:
where poverty meets infinite riches,
in never-ending lines of continuing graces.


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