Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

May 11, 2010

“Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

Why do they not hear, my Precious Risen Savior?
Have the complexities of our lives so embittered,
we no longer take time to study or listen?
The minds of the “concrete” are simmering
in hatred…
Tender Jesus, You love them so; but disbelief
for them You have produced “no signs”–
“eyes hath not seen, ears hath not heard”…
I know You want for all to come to salvation–
the reason Your second-coming is delayed…
our sorry attempts to “convert the nations”
only come to naught… we are only human,
using flawed words…
since the Tower of Babel… not understanding
what each means… not understanding
what each is about… not understanding
each soul: individual and unique
as You made us. Therefore, like our Father–
“one-by-one” is good enough.
We are simple fools needing Your grace
every moment, every day…
to sally forth
into this unknown world
with LOVE a banner
under which to stand…
My God,
I need Your helping hand!
Open my eyes, too…
to the beauty surrounding me…
and all Your manifestations
of Your glorious majesty.


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