Sunday of the Sixth Week of Easter

May 9, 2010

“I am the vine, you are the branches” (John 15:5)

Today deacon quoted our dear Lord and Master,
“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.
Not as the world gives do I give it to you.” (John 14:27)

Dear Majesty, open my heart to understand…
Your Word heard by many–only apparent to a few…

Dear Jesus, the world offers no peace;
the artificial relief
gained in earthly measures
is only worldly treasure…
perhaps resting the body–
but certainly not the soul.

My body, in a state of exhaustion,
is so weary: my only goal
is to rest in You… how often
I cannot sleep more than a few hours…
seeking, seeking to be prepared
for a mission
unseen and unknown. So I tarry
in prayer–or reading Scriptures,
because You are always there:
“Not a hair
on your head” is uncounted or unknown…
You have known me “from the womb”
presenting Yourself to an infant
in a crib, looking out into a room
of sunlight… as a human
I first knew You as “light in the darkness”…
then the “world was without form”;
You were felt as “void” (or was this inner
state waiting, waiting
for the ultimate of fillings…)

I knew You more each day…
now each time I eat the Bread of Life,
drink the Cup of Salvation… You, the “way”,
open Mystery to one inclined
to see and hear,
“Simplify, simplify”.
Gracious Providence, how am I to answer
except in perfect obedience? The Word
has spoken, I must follow…
for You have offered all I desire:
the continuity which completes…
the vein of nourishment
directly from the Father.
What any other
does with me is immaterial…
“you have the words of eternal life.”
“How can I repay the Lord
for all the good done for me?”

“I will raise the cup of salvation
and call upon the Lord!”
He has brought the finest wine…
so we can celebrate!
Holy be His Name!


2 Responses to “Sunday of the Sixth Week of Easter”

  1. Rich Maffeo Says:

    This is a VERY timely post for me at the moment. Please pray for me that I will maintain my integrity and obedience to what I know is God’s will, despite the opposition.

  2. Oh, Rich–your comment brought me to tears! So many temptations to stray from the “path laid out”… where the actual LOVE is found… I went to a “Quantum Leaping” website last night–basically promising success and wealth; that not needed is “religious dogma”… You know, people simply do not know that the insights of quantum theory (?) are not at all incompatible with “religious dogma”… or that “wealth and success” are not where the ultimate meaning are: although I, myself, have no compunction about using all God offers to glorify Him… as He leads, of course… through the guidance of Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the “depository of faith” in Mother Church… we are so blind, and limit ourselves so badly doing otherwise–to the point of death (even when thinking we are “expanding” ourselves, or being “enlightened”). “Let the little children come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” One CAN be “enlightened” and very much “orthodox Catholic”! Oh,”that their eyes be opened”! “I love you with an enduring LOVE.”

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