Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Easter

April 30, 2010

On “Obedience”…

The Lord, of course,
as a shepherd leads…
sometimes in those dark valleys
of which we are not pleased.
An earthly context
of humility, seeds
yet another concept:
how could we deceive
our atheist
brethren by limiting
God’s immense energy-sea
and Cosmic forces
beyond human abilities
to conceive
immenseness packaged in simplicity.
“The Father and I are ONE”
said He Who saves even one sheep
from the ninety-nine
left in the flock.
It is so blind
of us with our human minds…
limited in space and time
to contend with paradox
such as these.
Yet, it is entirely-so–
and, if we do not hear nor see
we can never grow
out of the constraints placed
by inflexible people, locked
ideas and words
totally inappropriate; meaning nothing.
The disciplines of millenia
of godly and holy people–
find new life in we who are able
to transcend the suffering
of our earthly temples;
(of course, we are not alone
capable of such drastic action)
we depend the face of Christ
in all God’s Holy People…
to dismiss each lesson
granted by the “depository of faith”…
is short-sighted, as well as negating
the guidance of history for the road
To “follow the crowd”
dangerous and uneven…
like lemmings
over the cliff–a shroud
hangs over. But, my friends,
God’s work is never done;
to aim to LOVE
without hesitation or displeasure…
indicates willingness to surrender
to wherever He takes you.
Be it to a death of martyrdom
or to service of neighbor…
Open those eyes
and visualize
your connectedness
with all creation…
Christ, Himself, the inimitable Master!
proceeded before us
preaching and teaching
the unlimited LOVE
available to each of His disciples…
just who are they?
the Gentiles, the Sammaritans,
the women and the children…
not just the Israelites–
God’s first Holy People…
those who do not know
bring confusion and darkness;
but remember your place–
it is not one of judgment…
we follow our Master
to the cross of forgiveness…
our power is only as big
as the good God intended.
With patience we must wait–
to see the hand of God opening goodness–
for our puny attempts are late
and often ineffectual.
But soon on the horizon
the new Day is rising…
we follow the Son
to ever-ongoing beginnings;
the Eternal Sacrifice
never more seemly.


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