Sunday of the Fourth Week of Easter

April 27, 2010

Looking down
on bare rock mountaintops,
(where once prayed the prophets)
flocked with crystal gowns
of dazzling white snow
in the rising morn…
We climb higher and higher
soaring in this conquering bird,
mounting the mighty jet streams.

This plane,
“Man” where is your humility?
You have taken
what you found
in the ground–
given by God’ hand…
for your own use
through your divinely-given mind,
following God’s directive–
the Earth and all its creatures…
“to subdue.”
only “brought forth”
from this Earth
God’s Ultimate Plan
for His people.

Dear Lord,
full-throated songs
in relections of praise…
for Your temple–
the entire universe,
Earth sings
harmonic tunes–
sound-waves of the LOVE
immense and available.
I, alone in vastness,
from this place in space
Your golden throne–
surrounded by angelic throng–
while You peer
at the Cosmos whirling,
cloud wrapped
as You BE in the sea of eternity:
around, within, and without.

All molecules and atoms
stream in belief
of their divine substance
in human life
and in all things
of the created Cosmos.

My body,
not the same as yesterday,
or what it is to be
in the future…
knowing my few molecules and atoms
exchange and share
with the worms on Earth,
the seas,
and the brown dirt
from which Adam was formed.
There is no separation–
all a continuity…
unknown and unseen
by the rigid scholarly.

O humanity,
why hold yourselves
above these?
We, each part of each,
(stardust if you please!)
are unique,
but one of a continual evolution
of all creation
groaning as it goes…
to perfection.
When I join dust..
let it be in peace!
For my God has quickened
my soul to release
bodily energies
needed to participate
in the turning of the stars and planets
on the axis of LOVE.
Christ’s divine identity
is God eternally:
the scheme
and grand plan
of All-in-All’s LOVE call!


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