Saturday of the Third Week of Easter

April 24, 2010

The “magnum opus”

St. Thomas Aquinas, on receiving vision
of Your magnificence of visage,
overcome with ecstacy,
declared his work
only “so much straw.”
I, having completed
a mission You gave me:
a work intended
as “midwife” to new life…
can only declare:
You, my Almighty King,
the Source of everything…
have shown the power
of Your healing grace
to the whole human race…
as evidenced even
in the rigorous scientific method
so well-loved by “modern humanity.”

My Lord,
my former contention
that You would remain unseen
for the purpose
of freely-allowing choice
in belief or unbelief,
in order that love of You
not be robotic nor artificially-induced…
while mistaken in some aspects,
still remains true in others.

Our human propensity
for eschewing the lovely,
for turning away from the health
of our entire natures…
thereby leaving holes
for idols to fill, is legion.
This will not be ended
until Satan is defeated…
(however one chooses to define
the personification of evil).

knock us to our feet–
knowing our pride
is ever beckoning… to assumption
of our control of life…
that over others, and our own.
We so easily fall–
we call
ourselves as God.
When our puny efforts
to help our neighbors…
do not produce the effects
we think best…
we come face-to-face
with our utter helplessness.

O Magnificence!
If I can but express
Your loving intent,
yet mastery
of the progression of the Cosmos…
in the words of one lowly midwife
companioning and “standing by”
the distress
of the bringing forth of New Life
though the hand of the Father…
my life will be complete.

What is yet-to-be
is not my perview,
but I have faith
in the consumation of LOVE–
seeing it every day
in the life-blood
flowing from the bodily temples
of Your beloved Holy Peoples.
Lord, let the “straw”
of my work line Your manger-bed!

Thank you, my Majesty!


One Response to “Saturday of the Third Week of Easter”

  1. Rich Maffeo Says:

    Very nice blog, Letha.

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