Thursday of the Third Week of Easter

April 22, 2010

and will all fervor…
I enter Your Presence…
in the hearts of my brothers and sisters
who also pray with me.
Your whole-hearted acceptance
of our measly efforts…
so faultily-applied
and awkwardly expressed–
O, Lord, give us grace to unfold
into the wonder of being Your children:
innocent and pure,
to be visible
to the human race as “dearly-beloved” of Yours.
You, Yourself, know the consequences…
the sign under which You died,
proclamation of a believer…
from which poured forth
the humiliation and torture
reserved for the Most-Blessed…
from the sinful creatures
filled with envy, spite, and hatred…
Even the purest of the women disciples
standing beneath the cross of pain,
were so afflicted
with Your shaming;
they wept copious tears
in lamentation.
How could we, less than these,
not help but turn our eyes,
too dismayed to visualize
the glorious Resurrection
You predicted?

That sign in four languages
was meant as warning…
but the unseeing were not alarmed–
only full of derision.

Our words have unintended effects…
due to the web of forces
outside our ability to contain…
especially when many people
are involved; the maelstrom
whirls and whirls,
faster and faster…
soon we are led to our own crucifixion
and humiliation. Words
can be worst in many situations.

So, now relieved
of any need
to take control or lead…
I have entered into the simplicity
of rest in Thy Divine and Sacred Heart,
now open and pierced…
to hold all my shame,
my disrupted and torn reputation
in Your grace.
From this, I rise in the heat of Your LOVE
into an even greater plan–
You, never discouraged, with utmost
tender compassion–
heal my wounds and bring peace
in the Knowledge of Your LOVE,
extending out into the universe–
because of Eucharist…
in thanksgiving, searing
in nature…
and purifying
unto undefilement
my bodily temple,
now completely given up
to the power
of such immense LOVE!

Lord, if there be any sign
above my head…
let it tell of my desire
that this joy–
this inner up-swelling
be gift from this human heart
to God’s People!


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