Saturday of the Second Week of Easter

April 17, 2010

What joy in arising–
before the break of day!
When “darkness covers the Earth”
in restful innocence: its own grace.
So much to do–
my energies renewed…
and He, in my heart, energizes.
This old crone,
her ancient wisdoms
found in perusing
the Divine Mind and His Word…
finds herself only as she leaves–
the fragile consciousness
of being
human. O, yes,
a confessor
might see “pride” in the pleading…
for the release
of human bondage.
After all, Jesus,
was so before His glory…
I remind myself of dignity
thanks to His example–
being “emptied”
of all Majesty
in the Incarnation
and being carried in fleshy womb–
of a loving mother.
O, tender, tender
is the heavenly compassion
for all creatures!
I get down on my re-placed knees…
enduring the pain
in adoration of my Master–
Who did the same!


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