Friday of the Second Week of Easter…

April 17, 2010

Unknowing the All-Knowing God

Late at night–at prayer and in contemplation…
i drew some conclusions:
there could only be miracles in completeness…
of our divine and human natures.
For opening out in the boundaries of perception
is sweetness
and consolation…
The Divine Mind–whispering gently,
comes into fruition
in my need.

Where is He?
The ray emitting from my eyes–
comes back to me,
completing the journey
to my soul, so seized
by the very Majesty,
fully sensual in pleasure.

His Divine control–
unlit for the moment–
may seem distant and unknowing…
to allow my free will
the chance it needs to expand,
building character and strength…
compounding the ability to hold LOVE
in its infinite firey blazes.
His Presence–
never actually taken away…
is here for us…
in the Holy Sacraments,
and in our neighbors,
who are Christ’s faces…
so we learn to trust,
in surrender… to the forces
He will bring to goodness,
it is best.
His will is not immutable,
for our prayers capture
the Divine Imagination,
with the pleadings for succor…
He so desires to answer.

O Savior, how I need You!
The darkness
in which You are immersed–
as a type of cloud-cover
to the very radiance
of the heat of LIGHT
contained, and not seen–
no longer worries me…
having grown in the ability
to put pain in its place…
for the wounds of Your kiss
pierce my heart as a sword.

Be pleased to grant…
Your unworthy servant
the place of the least
at Your feet…
where she can grow bright,
yet simple in LOVE,
humble as a sheep–
looking up at its Master,
Who creates
individual lambs
wanting to imitate…
their Father,
in giving sacrifice
of thanksgiving and praise!

Help me learn patience
in the endurance
of Earthly exile…
forever aware
You are near!
It is the way I learn
to serve–
growing in courage
to accept the bounty
of Your glorious mercy.


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