Friday of the Second Week of Easter

April 16, 2010

Lord, today’s Scripture readings, a source
of gratitude for this unworthy servant…
knowing well her faults and flaws–have caused
confusion among the “believers”…
per St. Edith Stein, who said of herself,
“I am human–full of contradiction…”
It is only God Who can bring goodness
out of our miserable efforts;
“by their fruits you shall know them”–
and sometimes it is only after death…
You, my Lord, reveal what You intended.
I ask You, Blessed Redeemer…
not for recognition and honor–
these things all “pass away”
as a “thief in the night”…
but only for Your Glory to be praised
by the human community–Your light
to shine on each and every unique
being You created in Your image.
The time is right
for the building of the Kingdom–
and like the apostles delivered
from the hands of the Sanhedrin,
yet having been flogged
in attempts to contain Your Holy Name…
these apostles glorified You, and were glad
to suffer. This brought disgrace
on “authorities”; only for the people
to clearly see the power
of what LOVE brings us! The giving
of the self for the whole of humanity…
in imitation of God’s gift of himself–
as Christ.
Be pleased to accept my humble life–
given in advocacy of this healing grace.
Your immense LOVE of me–
given back as sacrifice
in tender adoraton of my King!


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