Thursday of the Second Week of Easter

April 15, 2010

The chants go back-and-forth
swelling praise to the Maker…
asking Him to pour…
mercy on His children.
What suffering and pain…
encased in the daily routine
becomes gain
in the activities of community.
The weary travelers extend
to each a helping hand…
hoping the benefit of prayers reaches–
the ones left behind in darkness…
Of course, they always do–seeking
is never-ending. The LOVE that blesses
in abundance, is in front of our very faces…
the work of research shows
the divinely-created brain can eminently grow,
no matter past life-experiences or genetics–
much less “chemical imbalance”.
He has created us special and unique
individuals to give that LOVE
to the nervous and waiting world,
watching for the end of tears and agony…
dispelling all evil and insecurity,
through the Power of His Holy Majesty–
healing us in the Sacraments–
Christ’s Presence and second coming,
dispersed throughout the Universe!


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