Tuesday of the Octave of Easter

April 6, 2010

On the rise and fall of “scientific inquiry” in psychiatry…

You physicians of LOVE,
ignoring your Savior
has brought ruin and disgrace
on those known as “healers”…

Not knowing nor caring–
those white coats you’re wearing…
are not purity and compassion,
but “shock” to the seeing and hearing.

What folly is “science”
and “scientific inquiry”
when the complexity of answers
is what actually matters….
When unique and divinely-created
brains and souls of human-beings
are destroyed and desecrated
by the unknowing and impatient–
to “get on with the next one”…

When the unique human-being
is “boxed-in with labels”,
I’ll tell you , psychiatrists,
he/she will certainly stay there…
(for what human in loneliness
doesn’t long to be
someone or somewhere!)

When greed and indifference
to the suffering masses…
when only the wealthy
can afford appropriate treatment and action…

When the one-by-one interest
and loving, shown by the God-head,
goes down to obscurity
through the influence of finances…

When research and “science”
are done by the personally-invested,
no matter the findings–
they cannot be accurate
(by the standards of science)…

When a human decision
to heal from the methods
employed by the physician–
they will! No matter the damage…
or placebo effect notwithstanding…
the human will is powerful!

Yet more powerful still
the Omniscient Creator–
Who wills health and happiness
in the interior struggles
to build a more equitable Kingdom
(so His help is additional and critical!)
Without Him we are nothing!

If you please, you arrogant peoples–
your suffering continues
from your sins and the sins of your neighbors…
inevitable for all of us–some more than others.
To give these for humanity’s benefit
is a life-lesson of forgiveness…
Jesus’s torture and death
on the cross of agony and humiliation
was not done to free us from ramifications
of His Majesty’s justice… but to “empty us”
from the pride of our natures…
through the innumerable crosses we carry
and the burden of living.
When borne with patience and LOVE–
these crosses transform us…
and the lessons of life, now meaningful,
are worthy of “God’s image”
given to the dust of the Earth–
in homage
through the generosity
of LOVE unending.


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