Easter Monday

April 6, 2010

To arise like this:
welcoming the dawn
and seagull cries
from the horizon of bliss…
newness of heart and intention
to live
each moment as it comes…
fully in harmony with the universe
so lovingly constructed
as a Garden of LOVE
for the initiated.
It takes study and work,
seeing through eyes that do not see
the vision placed
in front of our faces…
for seeing is disbelieving
to the unruly creatures,
rebellious and individual,
wanting false freedoms–
and life of leisure.
But the Radiant Sun
burns the very skin
of our backs and arms…
blistering, peeling in the heat
of our stupor…
We add “antifreeze”
to the radiators of our minds…
not even knowing the TRUTH
of our ignorance…
hardly responding in sensitive measure
to the treasures
revealing before our stupidity
and cupidity…
O fervent nature…
your trees and grasses
soak up the golden rays and grow greener…
why don’t we?


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