April 2, 2010-Good Friday

April 6, 2010

Come to the cross–all those
in need–you will choose wisely
the path opened. For the few
who do not stumble or fall
on the road see clearly
the way to go.
Rocky, muddy, and full of potholes–
this journey, full of weeping
copious tears, is on a very narrow
ledge… the cliffs loom
on both sides!
To choose the more difficult,
the more perfect,
for an unseen goal
where imagining can’t go…
and when viewed:
anxiety fools!
To barely move
one foot forward–
to faint back two…
and when straining proves
of no use at all…
what does one do?
The load
and weight of this burdensome cross,
is doubt, grief, and sin…
our lot in human life–simply-spoken.
Faced with eventualities
that denial cannot hide…
we know our weakness and pride….
Soon confused,
we provide
a willing heart and mind,
unlocking the secrets of the heart of Thine.
Will you, too,
enter into the abyss
separating Him from you…
to shoot darts of desire
into the sky,
right through the dark cloud-cover…
calling, calling to the Spouse
Who gave Jesus the dignity
of the Passion, beautifully-suffered,
and opening the pierced, sacred heart
pouring out the blood and water
saving our souls from immediate disaster
we choose so frequently.

Who are we to think
our lives should be better…
if this burden were softer
and easier to carry?
(hard wooden beams, after all, are terrible!)

Does a life filled with ease
cry out to be saved?
No, my precious! His friends
are those willing to receive
what is offered.
But even St. Teresa was not reluctant
to express her displeasure…
“No wonder You don’t have many friends,
the way You treat them!”…
when faced with threat of drowning
by the hand of this gracious and gifting
God (it often seems unlikely).

Keep your eyes vocused on Jesus and His Saints!
In heroic measure
they lived lives of treasure,
knowing there was nothing gained
without God’s discipline and anger…
submitting thoroughly and entirely…
surrendering totally…
to His pleasure.
There they found the bliss of Paradise
reigns in the interior struggles
to find meaning
in the “folly of the cross”
in imitation of Jesus.


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