March 27, 2010-Passion Sunday Vigil

April 2, 2010

My Lord!
That I only be
the beast that bore
the weight of Your earthly flesh,
as songs of hosanna floored
the scribes and Pharisees… Best
we not notice these: concentrate
instead on the weight
of the whole world’s sins…
as You underwent
the torture and death
of the God Who LOVES
so much–He would undergo
this impossible and horrendous cruelty
to show
just what this LOVE is! See
what the ancient formula of atonement…
once wrought on “scape-goat”
released to the desert, to be no more–
but loaded with the sins of Israel,

Humanity’s highest honor
is to die for another!

Sing joyously,
O daughters of Zion!
Your Spouse and King
goes meekly and humbly
on a young, unblemished colt
of a she-donkey.

To be so meek as not to want
a royal steed…
or Pharoh’s charioteers…

Human capacity
for arrogance, lust, and greed
saw not the majesty
of God… as He
quietly, quietly entered our midst
on the back of this
tenderly prancing mule–
sitting, awaiting…
to serve
with all strength and might…
bearing the burden
of human flesh, like we
do the whole length–
from birth to the final passing-over–
to please
the Father/Creator
Who did the same.
In loving surrender,
the final and complete gift…
the healing salve
for the wounds of the multitudes…
Jesus Christ! Come!


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