April 2, 2010-Good Friday

April 2, 2010

Come to the cross–all those
in need… you will choose
the open path–to the few
not stumbling on the road!
Rocky, muddy, and full of potholes–
the journey full of weeping
and falls: is narrow. Beware!
On the sides, the cliffs loom…
to choose the difficult…
the more perfect…
for an unseen goal–
where imagining can’t go…
and when viewed,
anxiety fools.
To barely move
one foot forward–
to faint back two–
straining proves
of no use…
What can one do?
The earthly load
of the weight of this cross–
burdened by doubt, grief, and sin…
is our lot: simply-spoken.

Faced with eventualities
grim–denial cannot hide
our fragility and weaknesses.
Soon we are confused.
humanity, willing heart and mind
to unlock the secrets
of God’s ultimate plan
and Providence…
or you, too,
will be thrown
into the abyss
separating Him and you.
Try shooting “darts of desire”
to pierce the cloud cover…
calling to the Source,
and giving Jesus the dignity
of the Passion He suffered.
This Sacred Heart
pours out blood and water
washing our souls from disaster
we choose
in our pride.

Who are we to think
our lives would be better
if the burdens were soft and squishy–
easy to carry?
(Aren’t wooden beams creepy?)

Does a life filled with ease
cry out to be saved?
No, my friend, His friends
are willing to receive
the offering…
even St. Teresa was not too proud
to admit her displeasure
under threat of drowning…
received from the hand
of this gracious and gifting God!

Keep your eyes afixed
on Jesus
and His Saints!
In heroic measure
they lived lives of treasure…
knowing there was nothing gained
without God’s discipline and anger…
submitting thoroughly…
surrendering totally…
to find the bliss of happiness
when it is over! Paradise reigns
in interior struggle
to find the meaning and gift
of the cross of Christ!


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