April 1, 2010-Holy Thursday

April 2, 2010

The rich and enticing foods:
the bread and wine of LOVE,
nourishing far beyond any appetite:
satiation never desired…
not goal: so sweet
the Word of Life!
so immense the sea of God!
I can never ask–
for already given and received…
heaven opens past
earthly concern or need…
Living in surrender to simplicity–
yet wholly immersed in “mission possible”…
tonight the Triduum begins
with this incredible LOVE feast,
having been purged of our sins…
we enter into eternity…
extending a hand to our communities
so they, too, experience and know
“I AM”–
and His Passion, Death, and Resurrection
with His ascension
to the right-hand side of the Eternal Throne.
Yes, we add our little sufferings–
so we may arise in the morning,
to banquet at the Table…
going on for forever.
We offer
the supreme sacrifice for our guests–
and kneel in humble adoration
as this King in form of a wafer and cup
before us in the tabernacle–
rests in the Garden.
To knock, to ask, to seek-O Nations!
THIS is the answer you need!
He bleeds…
we feed…
then believe!


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