Tuesday of the Fifth Week in Lent

March 23, 2010

May my fasting bring abundance
for the peace and security of a warring world…
May my almsgiving:
maternal LOVE for neighbor, a source
of offering not accepted nor understood,
be held in my heart as sacrifice
(Blessed Mother stood beneath the cross,
herself immolated, like Christ.)
But cleanse me, simple humanity–
of the bitterness of gall–for weak,
I have only Thy mercy…
Let my prayers for Thy Church
storm the gates of hell. My work?
To be the mouth, ear, and eyes
focused on the cries
of the poor…
being crucified like my Lord–
(when will it end?)
O Death! Count not
these martyrdoms
among your dominion…
these have pleased,
and have been gifted eternity.


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