Friday of the Third Week of Lent

March 12, 2010

I arise
to the tune of a hundred seagull cries…
mounting the skies
of a red-edged horizon…
Dawning of a new refrain,
awakening from yet another death–
and tomb un-gained.
Where to rest?
O Beloved Redeemer,
except as Your guest
in this nest of un-seeming
splendour and quiet:
a heart at peace.

The challenges uttered
by creation, untamed and beautiful,
means resurrection over-and-over.
They reflect Your glory:
Your life, Passion, and Resurrection
to ascend to heaven
(accompanied by friends
watching and waiting
for the final revelation).

Your healing, hardly in the hands
of humankind,
is the final answer.
“No more suffering, no more tears”
Your faithful promise.
If You please, Almighty One,
give to these–blind
though we be
by the complexities–
Knowledge of the Mysteries
so apparent before our eyes…
yet unseen through pride
(the final damnation), where we all fall–
some to be re-born
by the wings of Your grace
into the simplicity of Your LOVE
granted from time immemorial
to humble children. Rejoice, O Israel!


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