Tuesday of the 3rd Week of Lent–Forgiveness

March 9, 2010

My dear friends of humanity: we are so loved and blessed!
If you will only open to the incredible LOVE and tenderness
by which God guides us to be our best!
…then no Earthly disaster, crisis of others’ doing,
or our own personality “foibles” which seem so confusing…
will be for naught but goodness…
through the LOVE of this Eternal Father–tending
His flock… if we will let Him.
He, Who so loves even Satan…
sorrowing for his conversion…
has turned all Satan’s actions into goodness:
if and only if we are willing
“to take up the cross and follow Jesus”–
in humility and thanksgiving.

He, so madly desiring our complicity…
in the LOVE abounding in the universe…
will send excruciating lessons–harder and harder–
to accomplish this task. For He is just–
the sins we ALL commit are horrendous…
we pay the penalty for ourselves and each other…
yet, in this, through Jesus’ saving act…
we eventually are exposed to the fullness
in which the LOVE of the Trinity
is given to us (if we are meek).
It is then the magnificence of God’s plan–
is revealed to His little ones (silently,
silently offering themselves up and to the sacrifice)
for humankind’s greatest gift of LOVE for each other–
is the offering of the self up to death and humiliation,
in service and in penance, for this “hard-headed”
generation and nation. Yes, it will all come to good!
God has this Cosmos well “in hand”. Come!
Join me in glad adoration!


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