Thursday of the Second Week of Lent

March 5, 2010

A continuation of yesterday’s post…

Beloved, Jesus’ words were “do not fear”…
over-and-over these words reoccur.
How does one reject it when…
Satan seems to have overrun the world?
From personal experience of the Saints…
(Teresa of Avila) even she had a “place in hell”
reserved by her Majesty and King… for–
none of us is exempt: we all have “ego”; even more
like the angels, we can fall into the depths
of degradation (hence Lucifer)–it has crept
into our society like no other…
each of us “demonizing” his brother–
“convicting” him when
often we know not what we speak…
hence becoming ourselves the butcher
and condemning him to death–
when Christ and the Church
know transformation and resurrection
are the goal… It was Judas, himself,
who took the final step–committing
himself to hell (we think). Will we do
the same with our free will? Few
now seek the work needed to resist
“the fiend”… few avoid the power
they know corrupts… and want the glory
the world offers. Having been beaten-
down, I know the comfort in being no one–
to face the Lord, my Maker, with heart open
to His scourging. Too long coping
with the exigencies of a “world gone mad”
my hope now–only heaven! I’m glad–
in truth–the world no longer holds its sting…
And Satan, himself, will bring
me home to the ONE I adore–
yes, I’ll do battle, Lord…
as You cleanse my life… my heart
with the ferocity You endured. Do not part,
from it, My Majesty–for I will fall
into the abyss of depair when sinning walls
me from the purity You so desire–
without You, we cannot go higher
than the pit we so abhore.
Blessed Redeemer–please don’t leave me!
Thy will be done!


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