Wednesday of the Second Week of Lent…

March 4, 2010

On hearing a marvelous Dominican priest on “the dark night of the soul”…

Sitting and sorrowing…
the sins of mine and my brothers…
descend on this weary soul–following
Calvary to the bitter end, my Mother…
you who have protected me so faithfully.
As this pondering came to fruition–
my LOVE increasing all the while for my brethren…
God’s Master Plan became so clear in that moment–
Evil and Satan won’t win–and will be cast into hell
only because of their pride and wish to be like–
God, in His Majesty. It is not that God doesn’t LOVE
the “father of lies and deceit…” (he is loved intensely)
but the utter denial of the need for humility… is enough
to drive him to destruction… the pit. But God
in his mercy, Who knows much better than anyone–
choses to use this demon of hate and enmity…
to perfect those who are His. Does this seem so strange,
those of you who do not know God’s Holy Name?
For those asking “why does God let innocent people suffer?”
I ask you, “do you not want to be better and better?”
Would you rather go down the same road as Satan?
For the rich and proud are what is the matter
with the world… as it is in this culture. No need
for reason to discipline for the purpose of our King–
we can do what we want for ourselves, they sing.
So where will you go at the next earthquake or tsunami?
When will we be given the ability to control these–
must less the Cosmos exploding… oh, pay heed,
those of you who are so able… it is the “heart of a child”
that enters the Kingdom of Heaven. Simple and meek,
we use what we have in our own capacity–uniquely
made for building that Kingdom. “One cannot
just imitate the Saints–one must find one’s own way,”
said my mentor. Believing wholly in God’s
power to turn my bubbling into goodness…
I took on the world and its unhappiness.
Oh, Blessed Redeemer–it is YOU with the answers…
to the questioning and hurting world’s futility:
Let Your peace reign now, at least for a little–
My dear Spouse, I long to be near You…
in Your pierced and bleeding heart for this creation
that reflects Your caring for the whole human nation.


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