After hearing a Catholic mother say her daughter has an “eating disorder”…

March 3, 2010

Dear Beloved,

To think we can label the individual–
uniquely created by God as His child…
with psychiatric diagnoses (even given by a “doctor”)
is doing a dis-service so intense…
it has contributed to the “culture of death”
we battle in this nation.
Those poor unfortunate people–
now have something “to live up to”…
trying unmercifically to please others–
devoid of the LOVE of their Creator…
they harness of powers of darkness–
so their brains’ capacity for transformation…
given us as our Divine inheritance…
no longer matters or is gained.
The excuses we give to “drop out”
when the going gets markedly tougher–
for the stigma, complete and damning…
is the reason the disease isn’t curable.
We do to ourselves what we want–
not realizing we were made for something higher,
we are NOT the sum total of hormones
or even neuroreceptors…
Psychiatry is an mis-created science–
doing more damage than helpful…
from this view-point (a career nurse in the field)
there is no such thing as incurable illness.
The cure here is worse than the “disorder”–
fostering helplessness and an ongoing dependence…
“medications” are drugs that will kill you…
so powerful they simply cause destruction–
used indiscriminately and for a lifetime…
they destroy the body and its members.
No way to learn to cope with the vicissitudes…
now unable to “think the way out of a bag of paper”…
so doped and so terribly ill-feeling:
the body responds with movement problems
(I’d want to get away, too, when feeling that badly).
When research now shows that the diet–
controlled and healthily balanced…
is far more effective and good-tasting.
For we are NOT to control another’s journey–
nor place him in eminent danger…
nor decide for God who this person is becoming–
like the “butterfly emerging from the crysalis”…
we are able to transform over and over,
not victims of the past–but the present,
each moment is what we make it…
We are given the grace of conversion.
P.S. St. Catherine of Sienna, Doctor of the Church,
by today’s standards had an eating disorder…
what is this world coming to?


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