Friday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

February 25, 2010

On reading Psalm 51…

“Look for me in an empty waste”…
there you will find “justice”…
yes, o humankind…
ravage the Earth–do what
is abominable! Then life
will be no longer possible. Creation,
a reflection of the goodness increasing,
will become cold and ugly–nations
then ceasing. No need
for the Revelation of St. John,
we bring ourselves to this: down
to death we’re descending.
“Justice?” you ask…
the final damnation pending…
as garbage is strewn on our streets
and walk places. The task
of rebuilding the New Jerusalem
is fraught with terrible struggle–
when we wallow
in pride and greed, we battle.
The foe (?)–a most horrendous monster:
ourselves and our own inner nature.
We must walk the spiritual journey;
perfecting the imperfect–by God’s grace
accepting. Though weary and weak,
over-and-over, we rise up with heat
from the fire blazing within us.
My God! This LOVE must be tempered
in kindness! Cleanse us completely–
to fear not the furnace. May the burning
continue… come not, waste and ashes!


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