Tuesday of the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time…

January 20, 2010

Re: the loss of three hundred lives in the Muslim-Christian factional fighting in Nigeria

Be free, o human race…

   but between you and me,

our desires are grim

   and often abject sin.

This freedom of which I speak…

   in tune with Cosmic hymns

like gratitude…  obedience to deepest need

   when God is kin, are not whim.

Why defy

   or deny  

your maker and Creator?

This arrogance with which you dance,

is sheer stupidity.

  So sad a situation


   we do not bow down

on our knees in awe and wonder

   for Mystery is all around–

close to home–closer yet and higher–

   to take to the skies

a soul caught in rapture.

   “Believer” or not–

the question of God

   (whether He exists at all)

is not one of choice–but grace.

  No matter rational thought

(does THIS exist?), the call

   for individuality has persisted

and is not known in entirety.

   We cannot appreciate nor know

what it is about.  Some events arise

   where we know not ourselves one whit.

There are such surprises

   in our puny responses

only our Creator knows us.

  Our judgment on others–

my sisters and brothers–

   is wrongful and awful.

Trapped in streaming energy

   from the Source of our being…

we walk a fine line of emergency

   (a crisis of our own making).

To save this world

   means subjecting oneself

to humiliation, degradation, and perhaps death.

  This Earth will pass away unless

it becomes transformed;

   the arduous path

will not be achieved (I mourn)

   without LOVE that lasts.

Who will step up to the plate?

   Who will walk through that firey gate?

Is there anyone willing to contemplate

   the vision in our minds’ eyes

negotiating the “higher road”…

   “the path less taken”…

Or are we, once again,

   to enter

into massive and serial deaths–

  without the Source, the Creator.

Shame, shame, shame…

   our only excuse is to blame.

Do we not hear the Word?


One Response to “Tuesday of the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time…”

  1. This is only typical, isn’t it? Centuries of warring with each other–Abraham’s children (supposedly peace-loving) take to their baser natures.

    Where do I come into the picture? asks this one, having also been subject to the caprice of an ailing,
    corrupted parish in the Church. I give like Christ, all of myself as my vowed-status to God’s people requires. I did not “pass the test” as I would have liked–but this preparation for the future is exactly why it occurred. “Thank you, dear Lord, for these thy gifts which we have received out of Thy bounty!” Amen

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